Flash Fiction

Black on white

Held against the other, the dark of night veils virgin purity.  One the mysterious, unknown. The other, receptive, grasping the stain of indelible ink. Letters forged hold such power. Thoughts, emotions mould words that drop to the page. To help, inspire, motivate, transform.  Their direction definite. A Yin , a Yang. Both refer to the opposite.  The masculine, the feminine.

Day and night.

Hot and cold.

Wrong and right.

Bound together, part of a whole. An ongoing cycle of life in which all is made of both. The interaction creates the world anew. Harmony.

The two mix, entwined. Variations, shades, no grey.  Only black and white combined. From white birth to black death. The boundaries fixed. Our world defined.

© Anthony Wood 2012


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