I wander in the valley of doubt and enjoy shelter in the shade of the lush green trees that reach tall from the rich ochre earth.  The cows of thought feast on grass that grows long, watered by a meandering bubbling brook.  They grow fat from their meal and will soon be ready to provide the milk of ideas.

I sometimes pass pilgrims in the valley.  They stop to talk, and what they speak of is  always the one thing.  They seek a perfect knowledge.  Something that I have not found.



Certainty rests at the other end of the valley where rocks and jagged outcrops rise. High above the plains, dark and grey.  A cathedral.  I got close once.  Huge columns of granite rose from the valley floor straight up like the tubes of a giant pipe organ.  The wind howling through silence was the only tune they played.

I returned to find happiness in this place. I love this land harboured between the ridges of disbelief and belief.  Between the rise on one side that relinquishes all and the other, a place of absolute conviction. I see the passing of those driven from the ridges to once again traverse the valley.

The travellers always return from their journeys downcast with a look of disappointment.  Their fingernails are black with dirt and their hands cut and scratched.  Their faces are strained as if they did not like what they found or they did not find it.  Sometimes I stop them to ask, but they avoid an answer.  “I have to be home,” or “Isn’t the grass lovely and green?” they say before rushing off.

I recline in the grass and enjoy the rays of the sun as they warm my cool skin.  I am happy here.  I do not seek certainty.  A journey to certainty would destroy my introspection.  To chase that goal, a single minded focus, would preoccupy my thoughts.  I can imagine certainty and to chase it would make it my enemy.  It would turn on me and destroy creativity, destroy invention.

Doubt holds me here.   My reward is fresh ideas fed to me from the cows of thought.  They are enhanced and embellished and showered with doubt and, once finished, again leave me resident in the valley.  Allowed once again enjoy all the delights it has to offer.


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